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The new Google Maps Platform programme is here. It comes with a few changes related to products, API keys, and pricing.
Read more below to get to know which are these changes and how they could affect your business.
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Google is adding a few changes to how Google Maps is being managed and its pricing models.
The process starts on June 11th, 2018 with the junction of their 18 individual APIs into three new groups: Maps, Routes and Places.
A new pricing model accompanies these products: Pay as you go pricing plan, which reinforces the use of valid API keys and a billing account. When a customer enables billing, they get access to $200 free usage every month for Maps, Route or Places. With this new pricing plan the customer will pay only for the services they use each month with no annual usage limits or termination fees.
New Google Maps Platform pricings will be official and running on 16th July 2018.
As the leading Premier Partner in Fintech, Travel, Transport and Real Estate, Snowdrop Solutions supports Google Maps customers in this transition process. Snowdrop can help you move your plan, whether Standard or Premium, to the new Google Maps Platform with the minimum disruption, and if required optimise the usage and cost-effectiveness of your deployments.

Standard Plan Customer

The information above affect all the Standard Plan Customers from July 16th, 2018.
If you are not sure about if you are using a Google Maps Platform API key, please use the Google Transition Tool to figure out and see which of your projects have valid API keys.
You can also contact the Snowdrop maps support team for help within this transition.

Premium Plan Customer

Official changes to the new Pay-as-you-go pricing model will be made later this year – or earlier if your current contract expires soon.
As this transition will be automatically done for you, your Account Manager will contact you when the renewal date approaches in order to assist you during this transition.
Feel free to contact your Snowdrop Account Manager if you have any questions on this process.

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As Google Cloud Premier Partner, Snowdrop Solutions provide licensing, support and professional services and development based on Google Maps Platform.
As Google Cloud Global Partner Maps for Customer Success, Snowdrop brings value to business with:

in customer experience, digital mapping and verticals such as Fintech, Travel and Tourism, Transportation and Asset Tracking, and Real Estate;

of new developments, updates and launches relating to digital mapping technologies;

of deployments for your business needs, offering best practices and personalised support;

of your solution and licensing.

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